Provides teenagers with safe driver training, experience and education behind-the-wheel in a supervised environment

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This highly educational program consists of 80% practical driving and 20% theory with trained instructors:

behind-the-wheel practical safe-driver instruction

safe acceleration, slowing, braking and steering.

general car safety check and basic maintenance.

safe and unsafe stopping distance; blind spot.

driver attitude and behaviour, peer pressure.

drugs and alcohol, and their effects on drivers

emergency braking

basic first aid on roadside.

The courses:

are held over 1 day 10am-3pm in school holidays

at Moruya Speedway – TeenSafe Complex – Donnellys Drive, North Moruya (opposite Airport)

specialising in ‘P’ and ‘L’ licenced Teen Safe Driver Education

TeenSafe aims to provide ‘L’ and ‘P’ plate drivers with safe driver skill training and experiences. A dedicated group of volunteers conduct TeenSafe driving courses in the safe environment of Moruya Speedway.

Courses consist of 5 hours intensive tuition, with 6-8 students to provide personal attention to each student behind-the-wheel with an instructor as a passenger. Dates are set according to demand and volunteer availability. TeenSafe commenced in the 1990’s as a request from members of the local community to provide young people with information and practical experiences in safe driving.

‘L’ and ‘P’ plate drivers develop driving skills in a controlled environment and under the supervision of trained instructors. The program consists of both theory and practical elements and teaches basic skills as well as safety aspects of driving. The program is a detailed presentation to teach driving skills in a fun, positive and safe manner.

Tuition is on a ‘one to one’ basis in the vehicles supplied by TeenSafe. Most of the course consists of actual driving time and students are able to concentrate on basic safe driving skills without the distraction of normal road traffic.

Vehicle maintenance and safety checks are demonstrated and discussed as is basic First Aid.

Volunteers are welcome to assist in all aspects of the organisation of TeenSafe Courses, from administration duties to driver training. No experience is necessary and all training will be provided for prospective volunteers.

If you enjoy driving and interacting with people then volunteering with TeenSafe could be for you.

(email Gary Smith – garys.home@bigpond.com )

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TEENSAFE  Testimonials

      Quotes from organisations and parents whose kids have completed a Teensafe course –

      “It’s a great course and I wish it was mandatory for all potential young drivers ”     Gee Hounsell, Broulee

      ” Teensafe was the best thing Sarah did prior to getting her licence. The lessons were great. She learnt how to handle a car on wet and corrugated surfaces and gained respect for a car and what damage can be done.  To date, no speeding fines.  We fully recommend Teensafe to everyone. ”   Jane & Bruce MacLatchy, Moruya.

      ” Both my children were fortunate enough to undertake the Teensafe driving program which made them more aware of safety issues when driving.  They are now in their early twenties and are responsible, safe drivers. I would encourage all parents to allow their children to participate in the Teensafe program.”   Judy Redman,  Moruya.

      ” Both my daughters were enrolled in the Teensafe program.  I, as a parent, really recommend this program as the girls found they gained what was needed to drive a manual car.  Both girls found the volunteer instructors very comfortable to be with and very encouraging and helpful in their advice on what was needed to become a safe driver. The learning comes when they have their licence and drive without anyone beside them giving advice and having to make decisions on their own. Programs like Teensafe give our children every opportunity to become confident drivers.”    Debbie Chesher,  Moruya.

      ”  I am really grateful to the Teensafe programme, there can never be too much help to keep our kids safe on the road. . The opportunity to drive different cars with different instructors is great as kids usually only get to drive with their parents. It’s great that basic maintenance is the beginning and teens are confronted with different situations during the course.  I have a son turning 16 and he will also definitely be attending.  Safety on the road depends on everyone doing the correct thing and being a responsible driver.”    Criss & Don Higgins,  Tuross Head.  

      “ Gudhuga Aboriginal Corporation would like to acknowledge and say a Big Thank You for the TeenSafe Programme and for doing an exceptional job in teaching Youth, both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous with their Safe Driving Techniques and we also acknowledge the time the Volunteers have taken to teach our children how to survive on the roads.  Thank you once again.”
Fran Dunn,  Gudhuga Aboriginal Corporation, Moruya.

     “ ..I continue to be pleased with my son’s attitude and overall demeanour with his driving since participating in the Teensafe course. I feel that people who participate will give themselves a better chance of avoiding unwanted nasty driving experiences…. “  Virginia McCoy, Berridale, NSW.  

    “..I thank you on behalf of my children for the fantastic Teensafe program.  Our 3 children who attended the course passed their licence tests first attempt and have not had any road accidents.  I consider the great Teensafe team of Gary and Co as a major part of our kids’ safe driving… I recommend the course to friends and hope this Safe Driving course continues “. 
Vicki Baker, mother of 5,  Moruya. 

    “…Thank you to the Teensafe crew.  My son, a Learner driver, was impressed with all the people there talking about driving safety.  He learned new facts and this has given him a great start at becoming a safe, confident driver..”      Trish Lamont,  Moruya, NSW.  
     “ Thank you for what you are doing to help our kids drive more competently ! “
 Phil & Judy Filmer-Smith  ,  Broulee.

     “Gary, thanks for a wonderful day. You and all the volunteers have so selflessly given up your time and expertise to assist the youth of today. My son gained a wealth of important and potentially life-saving education in today’s Teensafe driver course.  I hope this beneficial program is still available in two years when my daughter will be commencing driving.  As this program would not continue without volunteers and funding, from a very appreciative parent and teen, we say Thank You to all involved. 
Louise and Cooper Yoeman.  Bald Hills.

My son Liam Keft was successful on getting his P’s.  I feel his experience at Teensafe greatly contributed to this outcome. He came home from Teensafe very motivated and confident. I feel this is a fabulous service for the young people in our community.
Liz Keft, Moruya. 

Emma got a lot out of the Teensafe course, I could see an improvement straight away. I think you volunteers do a great job and offer a fantastic service, many thanks. 
Ben Floreani,  Mossy Point.  

My son Ted and his friend Franzi recently did the Teensafe course. Just wanted to let you know how much they enjoyed it.  Both said it was great to get so much actual driving.  Thank you Gary and to all of you who so kindly donate your time and skills.  Many thanks.
Kate Jones.  Moruya.

Gary, thank you very much for all that you do for Teensafe, I appreciate your efforts and communication. Please pass on our gratitude to all volunteers for giving up their day for our kids – hope they won’t need to use the skills taught but if they do, we hope the training kicks in.  Louise Yeoman,  Eden.

Gary, from all reports Jakob was very inspired with the training and thoroughly enjoyed his day there.
Ian Boardman, Tuross Head.

Thank you so much Gary for providing such a wonderful course…which allows our teenage drivers to experience more challenging driving situations in a safe environment.  Sandra Lunn, Moruya Heads.  

Gary. Alex enjoyed the Teensafe course and got a lot out of it.  Thank you and the others for making it an educational and fun day.         Meredith Williams.  Batemans Bay.    
Further info and contact details are available if needed. Gary Smith, Manager,TeenSafe     

Thanks to IMB Bank for funding assistance to Teensafe which helps keep our roads safer